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SKFL49 Mission: 

Protect the lives of children and adults traveling Toll 49. SAFETY is our paramount concern. SAFETY is ensured by using consistent methodology in route selection and by installing concrete jersey barriers.

SKFL49 Origin:

In 2019, Smith county residents and businesses joined together to form the Keep Loop Off Lake coalition to represent the public opposition against the Pink, Orange, and Blue routes.

KLOL also demanded concrete jersey barriers be added to Toll 49 to best address Toll 49’s tragic death count. Toll 49 has had approximately 23 deaths. 12 fatalities were charged as “wrong side” (9) or “passed in a no passing lane” (3) accidents. Concrete Jersey Barriers would have prevented crossing the center line in these accidents.

The Blue and Orange routes were removed from consideration. However, the Pink Route remains in consideration masquerading as the “Teal Adjusted route". Due to the egregious manipulation of the data by the planners of Toll 49, the public voice has been ignored. The Gray route should have been the 3rd potential route, the Maroon route 4th and the Teal Adjusted route 5th. Therefore, the Teal Adjusted route should not be a potential path moving forward.

The coalition decided to rebrand to better reflect the public's goals that have been left unmet.

The Save Kids From Loop 49 coalition opposes the outer routes including the new Teal Adjusted route (former public opposed Pink Route) which would create a dangerous intersection 800 feet from Kissam Elementary, decreases First Responder access, costs millions more to build, and is more likely to contaminate Lake Tyler, demands the data and potential routes are corrected. demands that a concrete jersey barrier be added to all current and future segments of Toll 49.

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